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Theresa Brownfield

Thank God, I thought you would never ask about this company and I had to look to be sure. The card I have says Precision Towing and Recovery. I love this company and the staff. I trust , Patrick,Amy and Justin with ALL my towing needs. So much if Scottsboro ONLY had ONE towing company it should be this one. Awesome bunch of people, that do a wonderful job at your worst time.

Karen Kelley

I recently got stranded in the middle of a 3-hour drive – in Scottsboro, on a Sunday afternoon when everything is closed! After unsuccessful attempts with a total of 3 strangers to stop the crazy loud car alarm & get the car to start again, I finally called AAA- wish I’d done that sooner! They promised that a tow truck & driver would arrive in about an hour, & he did- but he contacted me as well. Upon his arrival, I still had no idea where to tell him to tow me to! Fortunately he knew what I (in my stressed state) had forgotten: I have AAA Plus- entitling me to a free 100-mile tow!! He hooked me up & drove me an hour back to my dad’s in Madison, & even backed the car into his garage!!! He was professional & courteous, and when I apologized for messing up his Sunday afternoon, he was very gracious. I was able to use another car & make my trip – late but safe. Thank you- Complete Towing & AAA!!

24 Hour Tow Truck Services In Scottsboro, Alabama

As a driver in Scottsboro, Alabama, we understand that there are so many things that could go wrong on the road. These include your car getting into an accident, or even breaking down. You could also run out of gas or, even worse, get a flat tire, among others. When in these difficult situations, hiring a local towing company is the solution to the problem. However, nothing is more frustrating than contacting a towing company, only for them to arrive there hours later. It will frustrate you and waste your valuable time and money. This is why you need the best towing company in Scottsboro Alabama, Complete Towing & Recovery. The best thing about us is that we provide 24-hour towing services in Scottsboro and surrounding areas. With this, you do not have to worry about us not showing up when you call at the wee hours of the night.

We understand that in these instances, all you need is to get on with your life and continue with the journey. We will make the process smooth for you by ensuring that we arrive on time at the scene. We will also ensure that the driver is well conversant with the area to avoid delays, and they will also have top-notch customer service. You do not need to suffer more than you already have, and we understand that. You can trust us with your vehicle, as we will ensure that it is handled with the right skills and is in perfect condition, once the process is done. All you need to do is to trust us, and we will deliver with no disappointments.

Below are some of the towing services that we provide in Scottsboro Alabama;

Winch-Out Services

Is your car stuck in the mud, and you do not know how to get it out? Worry not, we will help you winch it out. We offer to winch out your car at affordable prices.

Roadside Assistance

Do you have a flat tire, and want to hire a professional company that does not cost an arm and leg? Then we are the right option for you. We will also offer any other services that you might need, such as fuel delivery, change of tires, computer diagnostics, and other roadside repairs. We will get you going soon enough, and you will be able to get to your destination safely and efficiently.

Jump Starting The Car

Whatever type of car it is that you have, whether it is light, medium, or heavy-duty, we will help you jump start it. We will get you ready to continue with your journey as soon as possible.

Locksmith Services

We all know that losing keys is something that happens at least once in everyone’s life, and this is not an exception. If you lose your car keys, all you need to contact us, and we will get you a locksmith to sort it out in no time. We can also make copies of keys and fix those locks that are giving you constant headaches in your house or business.

Load Shifts And Transfers

Do you need to transfer your load to another trailer? Then you can trust us and let us do our job efficiently. We will provide a forklift to smoothen this process and ensure that your load gets to the place it needs to be.

Underwater Recovery

If you thought that we only offer towing services only, then you are wrong. We are professional and certified to recover your vehicle underwater. Therefore, you do not have to worry when your car is caught up underwater as we have certified divers to sort out the issue before you know it.

Do you need a tow in Scottsboro? Then we are the best option for you. As seen above, we offer a wide range of services, and we are quite affordable; hence, you will not spend all your investments on towing services. The great news about choosing us is that we will give you the first 10 miles free if you are a new customer. Amazing, right? So, what are you waiting for? Call us today and allow us to help you get to your destination quickly and safely, with no problems.

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